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How can a Language Lab benefit your teaching?

Study 1200

Is it possible to increase the time students spend speaking the language in a classroom?
How do you engage multiple students at the same time in activities that would usually take a lot of time to organize and administer? Aren’t students easily distracted when working with computers?

With Sanako Study 1200, class sizes, limited time and distractions are no longer a problem. As easily as you would teach a single student, you can enable the entire class to participate in meaningful activities whilst utilising the allocated time efficiently and remaining in complete control.

SANAKO Study 1200 is an all-in-one software based language learning lab.

Study 1200 is an advanced language learning suite that offers an extended range of essential activities that focus on both listening comprehension and voice practice. Study 1200 provides the students and teachers with all the features for and benefits of a modern language learning environment. The versatile solution supports student voice recording for drilling in pronunciation and intonation, and offers teachers innovative content authoring capabilities, which allow for the creation of new learning material.